Is Our Church a Monument or a Movement?

Most of us have our favorites when it comes to monuments. There are those, like Mount Rushmore, created by human hands, and there are those created by nature. Two of my favorites are Bryce Canyon and Arches National Park in Utah. I can't fathom how long it has taken...

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What do chocolate and ashes have in common?

We have completed another advent/ Christmas season. January reminds me of the name sake “Janus” with heads facing back and forward. This is a month we begin looking forward with resolutions and renewed hope. We also look back. This year we have an unusual Lenten...

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Loving Vincent

Who isn’t fascinated by the life of Vincent Van Gogh? Many of us have been moved by the beauty of his art. I saw the animated movie about his death called “Loving Vincent.” It was created with 100 artists working to make his paintings come alive. The post master asked...

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A Sense of Wonder and the Pecking Order

I have been pondering two things I learned from my mother. I remember years ago I came to see my mother after taking a trip to Austria. I went into her second grade classroom with slides of my experience. My mother wanted them to have hands-on learning. Just as I was...

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Flooded with Emotions

As I helplessly watched the constant coverage of devastation of Hurricane Harvey, I was flooded with emotions. As you know I am originally from Southeast Texas. I have family in those areas. It does our heart good when we see so many come out and support those who are...

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Called Back to the Well

I was walking on the Franklin and Marshall College campus when I saw these statues. I am sure any of the locals could have told me who the Franklin and the Marshall were. I just assumed they were names of folks who contributed to the school I found out that was indeed...

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Looking Straight Ahead

I have fond memories of sitting on a front porch with my mother. She loved being outside anywhere she went. I said “a” front porch and not “our” front porch, because everywhere I have lived or even visited with my mom she gravitated to the front porch. She loved her...

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Going Public

For decades Otterbein has been an open and accepting fellowship, unashamed to advocate for women, immigrants, and the LBGT community. It is preached from the pulpit, and practiced in committee appointments and hiring. We know in our hearts and within these beautiful...

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Spring Fling – Celebration for Body and Soul

So, we are having a “Spring Fling” dance party in Fellowship Hall at the end of April. More than one long-time member has observed, “We have never before held a dance at Otterbein.” Methodists, along with many other denominations, have a long history of setting limits...

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  Loss sometimes consumes us. I am having to navigate my life without my mother. She believed in me. To lose the support of my mother is almost the sensation of having the wind knocked out of me. Yet she is still very much a part of me. Everywhere I go, I am aware she...

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